The Peratallada Castle Garden renovated by MESURA Architects

The Peratallada Castle, located in Catalonia, Spain, is included in the list of Cultural heritage of the country for it’s long history that appeals to the early mediveal ages. Garden surrounding the castle is dated from the 10th century a.c. Main goal of the architects consisted in repurposing the garden and castle in order to use this historical property as a private summer villa. The main protagonist of the intervention is the pool, that let the surroundings play in the reflection of the water, creating a magic atmosphere. Idea of sustainability of the garden was achieved by integrating a rainwater collection system, that is used to water all plants of the garden. External pavement is composed of blocks of Turkish white stone that are well combined with vertical concrete walls with wood texture finish. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering have been perfectly integrated in building, like the lighting and the plugs are built-in the stone bench, or in the stair lighting is built-in the steel rail section.



Photos courtesy of  Salva Lopez


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